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Ghost Stories from the Mermaid Inn Rye
Hauntings in the Bed Chamber
The Mermaid Inn has a rich history and there have been many rumours of hauntings.  There were more secret passage ways, apart from the present staircase between the bar and Dr Syn’s room; a moving panel in room 18 and an entrance to the Priest’s Hole through the back of the cupboard above the fireplace in the bar.

Room 1 - The James
We have had a lot of reports of a lady in white or grey who sits in the chair by the fireplace.  Guests, many weeks apart, have told the same story of leaving their clothes on this chair during the night and when they have woken in the morning they have found their clothes all wet.  There are no windows or pipe work near the chair.
Room 5 - The Nutcraker Suite
A lady in white walks through the single room across the main room and through the door, stopping at the foot of the bed for a moment on her way past.
Room 10 - The Fleur de Lys
Two years ago a bank manager and his wife were woken to find a man walking through their bathroom wall and across the centre of their room.  They were so frighteneded that they spent the rest of the night downstairs in the lounge and made the porter bring all their luggage downstairs plus their clothes.
Room 16 - The Elizabethan Chamber
The body thrown down the stairs of the secret passage would have landed in the bar section.  The barman, a few years ago, was tending to his fire when all the bottles on the bottle shelf, the other end of the room, fell off.  He handed in his notice the next day.
Room 17 - The Kingsmill
It seemed to go terribly cold and a rocking-chair in the room would rock for no reason. The chambermaids would only clean the room in pairs as they did not like to be in there by themselves.
Room 19 - The Hawkhurst Suite
An American lady, sleeping in the single room, reported that a gentleman in old-fashioned clothes sat on her bed during the night.  When he would not go away, she pulled her mattress into the double room, where her sons were sleeping and stayed there until morning.

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The Mermaid Inn appeared on the first ever series of the TV paranormal show, ‘Most Haunted’, the Mermaid Inn, Rye, has too many ghost tales to recount.






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Ben Travers

Lord Alfed Dougls (Oscar Wilde’s Bosey)

Henry Dodge (the American Motor Car magnate)

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HRH Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Richard Burton

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